Step into the world of healing with RevitalWave Red Light Therapy in Long Island, New York

Step into The World of Healing with Red Light Therapy

Step into the world of healing with RevitalWave Red Light Therapy in Long Island, New York

Step into The World of Healing with Red Light Therapy

Red Light Therapy

RevitalWave Red Light Therapy treatment can help revitalize your life in Long Island, New York

Now you can have the same Therapy used by celebrities and professional athletes. This popular treatment can help revitalize your life. Look, Feel and Perform your best. Infrared LED light beds benefit your entire body.

We have several Light Therapy Treatments:


Stress Relief

Immune System Support

Pain Relief

Sport And Performance


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At RevitalWave we combine this treatment with other therapies to give you the maximum benefit.

Ask us about package deals and membership plans when you come in so you can enjoy your favorite treatments all the time.

Discover the benefits of Red Light Therapy in Long Island at RevitalWave in Long Island, New York

Red Light Therapy Benefits

Humans need light. Every system in our bodies can benefit from light. Humans were designed to absorb light. Our bodies need light for healing. Since we do not get the levels of light we need, Red Light Treatment is the best thing. Using near-infrared and infra-red light the

Theralight 360 has the highest number of lights. Photobiomodulation is the process that occurs when our bodies absorb light. This process will help increase blood flow, relieve pain and muscle aches, and relieve stress. Used before and after training, the Theralight 360 will promote recovery and prevent injury.

We have unlimited session packages available. You can combine the treatments you like most to get the maximum benefit. Custom-tailor your plan to keep you looking and feeling your best all the time. We offer state-of-the-art medical treatments in a Spa like setting. Making you feel relaxed and refreshed is our goal.

Looking for the ultimate physical and mental performance? Check out the Super Human Protocol. Add magnetism, vibration, and oxygen therapy to your Red Light therapy for a supercharging treatment.

See Results from Day One

The key to achieving results with red light therapy is accurate dosage, a combination of wavelength and exposure time. Different wavelengths are more readily absorbed by other tissues in the body, so it’s important to select the appropriate wavelength for an individual’s concerns and goals. Additionally, exposure time should be incremental and consistent. For example, an individual session in the TheraLight Full Body Photobiomodulation System shouldn’t exceed 20 minutes, but sessions should be scheduled every other day, at least in the beginning weeks, to achieve complete results. When the correct dosage is achieved, Photobiomodulation therapy has a positive impact.

Photobiomodulation can be used to manage a variety of conditions, such as:

  • Arthritis
  • Nerve pain and nerve regeneration
  • Tendinopathies
  • Soft tissue healing
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Improved skin appearance and elasticity
  • Improved muscle performance and recovery

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Experience the power of Red Light with Oxygen Therapy at RevitalWave in Long Island, New York

Red Light With Oxygen

Red light with oxygen therapy gives you an extra Nitric Oxide boost and promotes blood flow. The anti-aging effect of this treatment is fantastic. You will look and feel young again. Fresh oxygen promotes healing and stress relief. When combined with Red Light Therapy you get the most amazing result.

RevitalWave is a health and wellness center in Long Island, New York, providing Red Light Therapy to clients across Nassau County and Suffolk County.