RevitalWave is your trusted Health And Wellness center in Long Island,  New York

RevitalWave: Your Trusted Health And Wellness Center in Long Island

RevitalWave is your trusted Health And Wellness center in Long Island,  New York

RevitalWave: Your Trusted Health And Wellness Center in Long Island

RevitalWave offers Natural Therapies as an alternative to medication and surgery in Long Island, NY

RevitalWave, established in 2021, offers natural therapies as an alternative to medication and surgery. We have a team of experienced professionals dedicated to delivering exceptional care. Our Registered Nurse, Terri Albanese, brings over 25 years of experience, ensuring patients receive expert guidance and support. Dr. Thomas Obrien, our MD with 30 years of experience, provides comprehensive evaluations and recommends tailored therapy routines. Migdalia Fox, our Medical Assistant, contributes her five years of experience to ensure patients receive personalized care.

We are committed to providing first-class medical treatments in a spa-like setting, ensuring our patients experience a relaxing and stress-free environment. We aim to improve health and well-being using cutting-edge therapies that complement one another, delivering exceptional results.

About Custom Tailored Therapy Programs

At Revitalwave we believe in custom tailoring therapy programs to each individual. Everyone deserves the best treatment possible. This is why our MD will evaluate your needs and recommend the perfect therapy routine for you. We leave nobody behind. We are committed to your success and we will stand by you every step of the way until you are performing, looking, and feeling your best.

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Revitalwave believe in Custom Tailoring Therapy programs for each individual in Long Island, NY

What Makes Us Different?

At RevitalWave, we differentiate ourselves through our extensive range of treatments and continuous research into new options. Our MD combines multiple therapies to maximize results and help patients achieve their goals. For instance, we enhance Gainswave treatments with red light therapy, boosting nitric oxide levels for improved efficacy. Similarly, we incorporate Femiwave treatments with other medicines to enhance results for women. Additionally, our Aspen Laser treatments alleviate pain, facilitating faster progress. Focusing on holistic well-being, our Registered Dietitian guides patients toward optimal nutrition and healthy lifestyles.

Members For Life!

Once you've reached peak performance and optimal well-being, our membership packages provide ongoing support and cost savings. By becoming a member, you can access your favorite therapies whenever you desire, ensuring the long-term maintenance of your healthy lifestyle. Join the RevitalWave community and experience the benefits of our membership packages, helping you stay healthy and enjoy all the therapies you love while saving money.

As a cancer survivor, Fran Greeley, the founder of RevitalWave, embarked on a mission to enhance health without relying on medications and surgery. Inspired by personal experiences, Fran's passion for natural therapies led to the establishment of RevitalWave, providing individuals with practical and holistic treatment options.

Our Mission

At RevitalWave, we believe in the power of customized therapy programs for each individual. We strive to offer the best treatment with tailored therapies to meet the needs of our patients. With unwavering commitment, we support you until you reach peak performance, appearance, and well-being.

RevitalWave is a health and wellness center in New York providing natural therapies for men and women across Nassau County and Suffolk County.