Unleash your journey to Health and Wellness with RevitalWave exclusive promotions in Long Island, NY

Unleash Your Journey to Health and Wellness with Exclusive Promotions

Unleash your journey to Health and Wellness with RevitalWave exclusive promotions in Long Island, NY

Unleash Your Journey to Health and Wellness with Exclusive Promotions

Enhance the Romance Couples Package

For Him:

6 Gainswave Treatments

Berkley Life Nitric Oxide Supplements

6 Vibration Therapy treatments

6 Red Light treatments

For Her:

6 Femiwave treatments

Berkley Life Nitric Oxide supplements

6 Vibration Therapy treatments

6 Red Light Treatments

Total Package Price: $ 3995

RevitalWave offers Red Light Therapy with TheraLight 360 for optimal results in Long Island, NY


Red Light Session

For a limited time, book a red light session for only $79.00

$Red Light Helps:

Improve Circulation

Reduce Stress

Reduce Inflammation

Relieve Pain

Improve Sleep

Sleeping better and reducing stress and inflammation will help you improve your overall health.

Now At Revitalwave!


The best pump for improving erectile performance and adding Gurth.

Special pricing for members!

Get Special pricing when you book your Gainswve treatment package. Bathmate enhances Acoustic shock Wave Therapy making it more effective.


The Bathmate Hydromax7 is the ultimate male hydrotherapy pump, designed to be used in the shower or bathtub. Utilising the amazing power of water Bathmate Hydropumps give the user an erection in a completely safe, controllable manner and remain the most sophisticated external penile rigidity devices available. Manufactured using 'state of the art' dermatologically tested materials Bathmate Hydropumps are certified as skin safe, latex free, phthalate free and covered by a comprehensive two year guarantee.

RevitalWave offers enhanced results with Bathmate in Acoustic Shock Wave Therapy in Long Island, NY
Begin your treatment package this month and save on Gainswave at RevitalWave in Long Island, NY

Save On Gainswave!

Start your treatment package this month and get $500 off of the regular-priced Gainswave 10 treatment package. Book your FREE consultation and start supercharging your love life today.

Other Specials

Aspen Laser Pain treatments:

Buy a 10 session package and get 2 sessions free!

Free Teeth Whitening:

Get Free Teeth Whitening with any Hydrafacial.

The Ultimate Treatment For Women!

Start your treatment program this month and receive two FREE Red light sessions. Book your FREE consultation online or call for more information. Start looking and feeling your best.

Love Your Love Life Again!

Ultimate Femiwave treatment for women - Start this Month and get two free Red Light Sessions

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