Real effective solutions for Erectile Dysfunction by RevitalWave in Long Island, New York

Real Effective Solutions for Erectile Dysfunction Treatment in Long Island, NY

Real effective solutions for Erectile Dysfunction by RevitalWave in Long Island, New York

Real Effective Solutions for Erectile Dysfunction Treatment in Long Island, NY

Contact us today to learn more about our revolutionary drug-free, non-surgical, and painless procedure that delivers permanent results.

With no downtime, no side effects, and a free consultation, we're here to address the root cause of erectile dysfunction and provide you with a tailored treatment plan.

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Erectile Dysfunction And Male Performance Treatment

Premier Erectile Dysfunction Treatment in Long Island, NY for enhanced Health and Wellness by RevitalWave
  • Drug-Free
  • No Surgery
  • Painless Procedure
  • Permanent Results
  • No Downtime
  • No Side Effects
  • Free Consultation
  • We Treat the cause of erectile dysfunction

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How It Works

Using a low intensity sound wave we break up plaque in the blood vessels of the penis to increase blood flow. The increased blood flow allows you to have an erection and generates new blood vessels and tissue growth. We treat the cause of Erectile Dysfunction with permanent solutions.

After the Gainswave treatment, we use Red Light therapy in our state-of-the-art Theralight 360 bed to increase total body circulation.

We then use Vibration therapy to increase overall blood flow.

RevitalWave treats the cause of Erectyle Dysfunction with permanent solutions in Long Island, NY

What We Do For ED

  • Gainswave Acoustic Shock Wave Therapy treatment
  • P Shot
  • Testosterone Replacement Therapy
  • Vibration Therapy
  • Red Light Therapy
  • Aspen Focused Red Light Laser treatment
  • Berkley Life Nitric Oxide Booster

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Men's Health Specialist on Long Island For Erectile Dysfunction

End ED NOW without Medication Or Surgery.

Gainswave in Islandia has a non-invasive drug-free treatment. There are no side effects and no downtime. Treatments typically take only 20 minutes so you can get on with your life.

At RevitalWave we also incorporate several other therapies to enhance the Gainswave procedure and give you better results. We take every effort to make sure you achieve the results you are looking for. Since no two people are alike we offer several different treatment protocols for Erectile Dysfunction.

With acoustic shock wave therapy, Gainswave improves blood flow to the penis so you get better longer lasting erections.


For those who can achieve an erection naturally and are looking to improve performance and maintain blood flow. Preventative maintenance so you can stay at your optimum performance.


If you experience occasional problems or have trouble maintaining, we have a treatment program for you.


Gainswave is an approved treatment for penile curvature caused by scar tissue. Drug-free and non-invasive. The best alternative to surgery and medication.


If you are unable to get an erection or if you can not tolerate ED medications we have a more intense treatment program that uses several different therapies to get you healthy again.

Performance Booster!

Gainswave is not just for ED. Men who can get an erection but just want to boost their performance can also benefit. Get stronger, longer-lasting erections. Enhancement and performance packages start at just $ 999.00

Young men who want to maintain their sexual health can also benefit from Gainswave. We have membership packages that start at just $99 per month to keep you performing your best.

Give your love life the boost it deserves at RevitalWave.

RevitalWave offers the ultimate performance booster with Gainswave, revolutionizing Health and Wellness

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Testosterone Replacement Therapy



Libido Vitamin Drip

Is a curved or painful erection stopping you from enjoying intimacy?

Is a curve making your partner uncomfortable?

If you are experiencing painful erections or a curved erection your issue may be related to Peyronie’s Disease. We offer a FREE consultation to find out what treatment options will work for you.

Find out how Gainswave and Aspen can help Erectile Dysfunction.

More Information
RevitalWave offers relief for painful erections with Gainswave, restoring comfort and wellness


The principal mechanism of PT141 involves the activation of melanocortin receptors MC4R in the central nervous system. These receptors actively participate in regulating various physiological functions, including sexual arousal and desire. By modulating these receptors, this peptide stimulates an augmentation in sexual motivation and responsiveness.

PT 141

PT 141 for men is a distinctive method for tackling erectile dysfunctionality by honing in on the psychological facets of sexual functionality. In contrast to conventional medications for ED, this peptide concentrates on elevating sexual desire and arousal. It can offer advantages to persons who do not respond favorably to other treatments. PT-141 for men offers a promising alternative for the treatment of ED, addressing both physiological and psychological aspects of sexual functionality. As with any medical intervention, persons must consult with a qualified healthcare professional to determine the suitability of this peptide for their specific circumstances and to receive personalized guidance on its use. Book a FREE consultation to learn more and see if PT141 can help you.

All Services are FSA and HSA eligible!

All services provided by RevitalWave are FSA and HSA eligible, making it convenient for your health

RevitalWave is a health and wellness center in Long Island, New York, providing erectile dysfunction treatment across Nassau County and Suffolk County.