Reach your body weight goals with RevitalWave Registered Dietitian in Long Island, New York

Reach Your Body Weight Goals with Our Registered Dietitian

Reach your body weight goals with RevitalWave Registered Dietitian in Long Island, New York

Reach Your Body Weight Goals with Our Registered Dietitian

At RevitalWave, we firmly believe that a healthy diet and exercise are fundamental to overall wellness.

Whether recovering from an injury, losing weight, or addressing a specific health concern, our registered dietitian in Long Island can guide you toward your goals. Don't wait another day to take charge of your health.

Contact us now and start your journey to a healthier, more vibrant life!

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Nutrition Is The Ground Floor Of Good Health!

At RevitalWave we believe that a healthy diet exercise will help every condition. Getting well and staying healthy starts with nutrition.

Our Registered Dietitian will get you on the path to reaching your goals. whether you are looking to recover from injury, loose weight or correct a current condition. Sometimes there are things in your diet that may be the root cause of what is ailing you. Our dietitian will review your blood test results to make sure we correct anything that is adversely affecting your health. If necessary, we can get you set up with a meal prep service to make sure you are staying on the right path. All information and blood tests are reviewed by our MD to make sure we have you on the best program.

You will be surprised to see how much you will learn about your own body.


Four-Month Program:

$ 1295.00

Program Includes:

Blood test

Initial body composition analysis with a Registered Dietician

Four follow-up visits with a Registered Dietician

Diet plan

MD consultation and medical evaluation to determine if prescription or supplements are necessary

Cellulite reduction treatments

Amanda - Registered Dietitian, offers expert nutritional guidance at RevitalWave in Long Island, NY
Experience expert nutrition guidance from a Registered Dietitian in Long Island, New York

Avoid Weight Loss Surgery

Guiding someone to enhance their lifestyle; causing them to lead a higher quality of life is my mission. As a Registered Dietitian, I implement an evidenced-based approach to nutritional therapy. This is done through the use of food and the judicious use of supplements to optimize health and combat disease. In doing so, I act as a filter for nutrition research to my patients so that they can be empowered to understand the why behind nutritional recommendations. I will get to know the patterns around my patient’s food choices and will utilize behavior modification counseling and cognitive behavioral therapy to explore their food environment. My name is Amanda and I lead my patients to becoming an enhanced expert in their bodies and to lead happier lives.

My practice is not a lose weight quick and gain it back in half the time, “diet-culture”, approach. I do not place my patients on diets but rather build happier and healthier relationships with food. I want to get to know you so that we can come up with individualized solutions targeted to help you to efficiently achieve your goals.

Nutrition counseling/education is something that I have been doing throughout my career first at Jamaica Hospital Medical Center and into my previous position as the Stony Brook University Campus Registered Dietitian. There I worked with students from many diverse backgrounds who were college athletes to medical students learning to fuel their busy lifestyles. I was able to better empathize with my patients as I obtained my Master’s Degree in Clinical Nutrition from Stony Brook during that time. Presently, I co-founded the first Nutrition Department for the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, World Trade Center Health and Wellness Program through Stony Brook Medicine.

My expertise is in nutritional management of obesity and related chronic illnesses, such as heart disease and hypertension, diabetes, cancer, chronic kidney disease, depression, and PTSD. The field of nutrition is still to be fully explored and I cannot wait to be a part of this. During my time, I am coordinating a randomized control trial on the Mediterranean diet versus US Dietary Guidelines and their ability to reduce inflammation in those with PTSD.

I look forward to meeting you and hopefully will run into you around our community! In my free time you can find me traveling to local biking spots, walking at the Kings Park Bluff with my two dogs, dropping by the grocery store to whip up a delicious dinner.

Our Healthy diet and Compression Therapy can help relieve diabetic neuropathy and leg pain

Diabetes Diet

A healthy diet and compression therapy can help relieve diabetic neuropathy and leg pain. If you have been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, you will need to make changes to your diet and take measures to improve circulation in your legs and feet. Red light therapy improves overall body circulation. all of out treatments are non-invasive and have no side effects. There is no downtime. We have created a relaxing environment where you can relax and get healthy. No judgements, just real professional help.

Lose Weight

A good diet is important for every system in your body. You can not outwork a bad diet. Correcting the things that are making you unhealthy is the first step.

RevitalWave has all the therapies you need to get healthy and stay healthy.

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